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“If you’re going to be neighborly, you have to know your neighbors. You can’t be neighborly in a convocation of strangers.”
—Wendell Berry

The Bookstore

The Bookstore at The Berry Center is located at 129 S. Main St. in New Castle, KY and is housed in an historic, 200-year-old cabin. We carry all of Wendell Berry’s in-print titles, along with rare signed books. The rest of our collection reflects Wendell’s home library, Kentucky authors, handmade books and broadsides from Larkspur Press (Monterey, KY), books that serve our home community, a large children’s section (upstairs), and best sellers. If we don’t carry the books you’re looking for, we are very happy to place special orders.

All sales support the work of The Berry Center where we are putting Wendell’s writing to work by advocating for farmers, land conserving communities, and healthy regional economies. Thank you for your order!

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The Agrarian Culture Center

The Agrarian Culture Center and Bookstore is the birthplace of a rural reading program, the Agrarian Literary League (ALL) established in 2016, ALL is bringing humanities programming to rural communities, fostering the preservation of local histories through dialogue and storytelling, strengthening pride and stewardship of place, and conserving the unique culture found in rural places. Books for this program are chosen based on their enduring cultural value and potential to stimulate reflection and conversation. This reading list and accompanying materials will be made available to wider audiences.

Since its inception, the ALL committee has given away over one thousand free books and facilitated nearly 60 book groups in Henry County, KY. Our hope is that this program will serve as a model for other rural areas throughout the United States.
2017 The Memory of Old Jack by Wendell Berry

Theme: People In Place, Reflecting on our landscape and histories.


2018 “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines

Theme: Race In Place, Black agrarianism in our community and beyond.


2019 “Payne Hollow” by Harlan Hubbard

Theme: Stewardship, Living simply at home.


2020 TBA


The Agrarian Culture Center also hosts a number of events, including the annual Kentucky Arts and Letters day, with readings by distinguished Kentucky authors, and the ALL Fall Festival, which celebrates our reading communities and the bounty of our region.

Learn more and keep up with the Agrarian Literary League and event information at the facebook link below:

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Years Of History

Preserved in The Archive Of The Berry Center, informing agrarian thought and practice, helping to chart a way forward for sustainable farming and rural prosperity.

Young Farmers

Working towards a full-time, tuition-free sustainable farming degree right here in Henry County, Kentucky, in our Wendell Berry Farming Program of Sterling College

Agrarian Books

Distributed by the Agrarian Literary League, a nationally recognized adult rural reading program from the Agrarian Culture Center and Bookstore at The Berry Center

Acres conserved

By Our Home Place Meat farmers, raising and processing the best livestock locally and humanely in a program based on the Burley tobacco cooperative model.

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