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Celebrating over 10 years of putting Wendell Berry’s writings to work by advocating for farmers, land conserving communities, and healthy regional economies.

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“It all turns on affection,” invoked Wendell Berry in his 2012 Jefferson Lecture. The Berry Center is building equitable and ecological farming futures based on affection—for creatures, for people, place, and for the planet.

The Hog Killing Award

How exciting to announce that my mother’s book has won an award. My daughter Virginia Berry Aguilar found a series of photographs that my mother took of an annual hog killing in the winter of 1979 while looking through some boxes of old photographs at my parent’s house. She and her husband Ben Aguilar saw the importance of the photographs not to mention their quality. Ben used the photographs for his thesis in graduate school. Leaving some steps out and thanks to Fireside Industries, and imprint of University Press of Kentucky and Hindman Settlement School, the result is For the Hog Killing 1979. The book is not nostalgia. It is a celebration of what was and what could be again. How wonderful then to couple the announcement of the award with an article by John Inscore Essick about a hog killing 40 years later of my mother’s beloved church community engaged in a hog killing.

– Mary Berry

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The Berry Center Newsletter – Fall 2021

THE BERRY CENTER 2021 FALL NEWSLETTER Friends, we hope you enjoy our new 2021 Fall Newsletter.    Inside this edition you will find musings on wildflowers, interviews with neighbors, and of course, a fabulous taco recipe. Oh, and as always a little about the work of The Berry Center, program updates from all of our initiatives, and a few brief writings about the goings on here at the Center and...

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The Berry Center Journal – Volume Four – Summer 2021

The Berry Center Journal – Volume Four – Summer 2021

THE BERRY CENTER JOURNAL VOLUME FOUR - SUMMER 2021 Friends,   We are pleased to share with you our latest publication, The Berry Center’s 2021 Annual Journal - Volume Four. We are deeply proud of this collection of work, which includes an interview with Wendell titled "We've Got To Start Here", an article by Mary Berry on “Real Homeland Security”, excerpts from the archives, a poem by Wendell,...

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The Berry Center 2021 Spring Newsletter

The Berry Center 2021 Spring Newsletter

THE BERRY CENTER 2021 SPRING NEWSLETTER Friends, we hope you enjoy our new 2021 Spring Newsletter.  While 2020 was a grind for us and everyone else, the emergent signs of spring bring us hope and comfort as we start the new year.  Inside this edition you will find an interview with Tanya Amyx Berry about the work of rural women and the work of The Berry Center, program updates from all of our...

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The Berry Center Newsletter – Fall/Winter 2020

THE BERRY CENTER NEWSLETTER - FALL/WINTER 2020Friends, we are pleased to share with you the 2020 edition of our end of year newsletter.  In typical fashion for this year, it is being released in the first weeks of 2021.  We hope you will forgive our delay and enjoy the contents anyhow, which have no less import in January than they did in the last days of 2020.  In it's pages you will find...

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Our Home Place Meat

Establishing a cooperative for Henry County, KY farmers to sell to local markets and addressing the fundamental challenges of creating local food economies.


Collecting and preserving works that offer compelling insights into good farming and land use and the rich culture of rural communities over the last century.


Providing future farmers with an education in agrarian thought and practice, serving students from generational farm families, rural communities, and urban agrarians around the nation.


Welcoming visitors from near and far, bringing humanities programming to rural communities, fostering local history through storytelling, and conserving the unique culture of rural places.

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