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Man over looking flooding in eastern ky town
flooding over taking a small eastern ky town
debris from flooding in eastern ky town
eastern ky flooding damage inside a home

Photos provided by Apalshop

The Berry Center and Our Home Place Meat announce efforts to raise a total of $40,000 to support those affected by the catastrophic flooding in Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is to provide over 5,000 pounds of healthy, sustainably raised, and humanely processed beef from Henry County farmers to people and organizations who need it the most.  


Too often in the aftermath of these events, those working to rebuild are forced to rely on substandard rations and scrounged supplies, with local stores quickly cleaned out and incoming food aid hard to get ahold of. Supply chains, already stretched thin, quickly find their breaking points, and despite a heroic amount of help that is already headed for Appalachian Kentucky and Virginia, their community still needs help. We would like you to join in helping provide the kind of targeted aid that partners on the ground can use to feed the hungry, bolster the weary, and help those who need it.


Institutions in the area including Hindman Settlement School, Emmalena Elementary, the Knott County Sportsplex, and Perry County Schools are serving as community kitchens and clearinghouses for the supplies pouring in from all over the Commonwealth.  With your help Our Home Place Meat will make scheduled deliveries of healthy food in a way that doesn’t require the farmers who work to raise this meat to take a loss on their year’s efforts.  By donating to this campaign, you will be supporting not only the heroic rescue and rebuilding efforts in Eastern Kentucky but strengthening the farm economy in Northern Kentucky as well.

If you have questions, would like to partner with these efforts, or are interested in any of our programmatic work here at Our Home Place Meat or The Berry Center, drop us a line at or call 502-845-9200.