The Initiatives Of

The Berry Center

Milk Fed. Grass Fed. Rose Veal.

Establishing a cooperative for Henry County, KY farmers to sell to local markets and addressing the fundamental challenges of creating local food economies.

Lessons in Homecoming.

Providing future farmers with an education in agrarian though and practice, serving students from generational farm families, rural communities, and urban agrarians around the nation.

The Archive Of The Berry Center

Taking Stock Of What Remains.

Collecting and preserving works that offer compelling insights into good farming and land use and the rich culture of rural communities over the last century and more.

Welcoming visitors from near and far, bringing humanities programming to rural communities, fostering local history through storytelling, and conserving the unique culture of rural places.

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Years Of History

Preserved in The Archive Of The Berry Center, informing agrarian thought and practice, helping to chart a way forward for sustainable farming and rural prosperity.

Young Farmers

Working towards a full-time, tuition-free sustainable farming degree right here in Henry County, Kentucky, in our Wendell Berry Farming Program of Sterling College

Agrarian Books

Distributed by the Agrarian Literary League, a nationally recognized adult rural reading program from the Agrarian Culture Center and Bookstore at The Berry Center

Acres conserved

By Our Home Place Meat farmers, raising and processing the best livestock locally and humanely in a program based on the Burley tobacco cooperative model.

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