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Hand Hewn 3-Day Whole Hog Workshop

January 27 - January 29


Purchase tickets at Our Home Place Meat.

During this hands-on workshop we will focus on a pasture-raised hog, walking through the entire process of how to efficiently, beautifully, and practically take a hog from pasture to plate ethically and humanely. Henry County, Kentucky author Wendell Berry will bless the hog by reading his poem “For the Hog Killing” on Friday morning as the event begins and he will join us join us for a late lunch on Sunday. Space is limited to 10 attendees. Scholarships are available to local farmers*. Accommodations are not included.

Day By Day Events:

On Day One we will gather for the solemn act of dispatching the hog and collecting the blood, as well as exploring its culinary uses such as blood sausage. You will learn how to scald and de-hair to make the most efficient use of the meat. Nearly every part of the pig can be made into delicious food in the spirit of “nose to tail” whole beast butchery. The offal will be harvested and throughout the workshop, you will sample ways to prepare it that your whole family will enjoy eating. The casings will be prepared for sausage making later in the class.

During Day Two we will explore various traditions in the butchering of hogs and the culinary reasons for the differences. As we break down each half into familiar cuts, we will discuss preservation techniques as well as fresh options for each part of the pig. Offal preparations will continue and will make for a hearty lunch. Learn how to easily render beautiful snow white lard, make delicious head cheese, and properly package cuts of meat. At the close of the day, you will be amazed by how fully each part was utilized and how little waste there is.

We will begin Day Three by diving even deeper into traditions and cultures that have found innovative and delicious ways to use all the wonderful pieces that pigs give. Delve into home sausage making, curing meat, including how to make fool-proof bacon and the fundamentals of charcuterie.  The event ends with a delicious charcuterie feast at The Berry Center.

If you’d like to be a part of an unforgettable experience, have your belly filled with excellent food and drink, and feel a deep sense of belonging in a community while gaining practical skills, bring an adventurous palette and join us for this Whole Hog Intensive Workshop!

Purchase tickets at Our Home Place Meat.

*Please contact BethDouglas@BerryCenter.org for Scholarship Opportunities.


January 27
January 29


The Berry Center
Hand Hewn Farm


Valley Spirit Farm, Campbellsburg, KY