Friends, we are delighted to share the 2020 edition of our annual journal with you.  Contained within is a generational look at the agrarian writings and works of the Berry family, and their longtime advocacy for a more just and humane farm economy in the United States.  

Within, you will read John Marshall Berry Sr.’s speech to the US Senate defending the Burley Tobacco Producer’s Program, a foundational federal program that kept money and power in the hands of small farmers in our region.  

You’ll find John M. Berry Jr.’s statement to the Democratic platform committee in 1992, an impassioned plea for policy built around the needs of farmers, not agribusiness corportations.

Wendell is featured twice in this edition, with his poem ‘Amish Economy’ set opposite an excerpt from a conversation with his friends, Michael and David Kline (Amish farmers from Ohio), that took place for the benefit of our WBFP students.

Finally, Mary Berry writes movingly about our newest initiative, a working and teaching farm right here in Henry County, Kentucky, ensuring our students a home and living classroom for generations to come.

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