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“If we don’t get sustainability right in agriculture first, it won’t happen anywhere.” – Wes Jackson, The Land Institute



Recent Publications

The Berry Center Journal 2019

THE BERRY CENTER JOURNAL 2019 Friends, please enjoy the 2019 edition of The Berry Center Journal.  Inside, you will find the highlights of a year's work here at the Center.  You will read in these pages about Our Home Place Meat, a local beef initiative based on the tenets of the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association Producer's Program,...

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The Berry Center Journal – Vol. 1 – 2018

THE BERRY CENTER JOURNAL 2018 Friends, The Berry Center is proud to present our inaugural Earth Day Journal.   You will find within its pages an overview of the good and vital work that we do here in New Castle, Kentucky, as well as a poem and essay from Wendell Berry, and an interview with Christy Brown, The Berry Center board member and dear...

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Think Little By Wendell Berry

From A Continuous Harmony: Essays Cultural and Agricultural reprinted in the Whole Earth Catalog 1969 First there was Civil Rights, and then there was the War, and now it is the Environment. The first two of this sequence of causes have already risen to the top of the nation’s consciousness and declined somewhat in a remarkably short time. I...

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Years Of History

Preserved in The Archive Of The Berry Center, informing agrarian thought and practice, helping to chart a way forward for sustainable farming and rural prosperity.

Young Farmers

Working towards a full-time, tuition-free sustainable farming degree right here in Henry County, Kentucky, in our Wendell Berry Farming Program of Sterling College

Agrarian Books

Distributed by the Agrarian Literary League, a nationally recognized adult rural reading program from the Agrarian Culture Center and Bookstore at The Berry Center

Acres conserved

By Our Home Place Meat farmers, raising and processing the best livestock locally and humanely in a program based on the Burley tobacco cooperative model.

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